This is the place where you can learn a little about
the regular, recurring characters of The Joshua
Tree.  Here they are, starting with Josh and the rest
in alphabetical order:
   Name:  Josh
      Age:  24
Occupation:  Field Engineer
    Likes:  Legos, Kool Aid, and Pitchforks
Dislikes:  Water, D&D, and Sourkraut

  Josh is the average joe.  Well, not exactly average.  He
has wacky habits and crazy ideas that can be contributed
to his overactive and multitasking mind.  He is the initiator
of many absurd adventures.
      Name:  Angel
       Age:  23
Occupation:  Varies
     Likes:  Talking, Talking, and More Talking
 Dislikes:  Being Quiet

   Josh's somewhat ditzy sister.  She's extremely gullible; a
fact that Josh exploits regularly.  
    Name:  B.B(Buddy's Buddy)
       Age:  2
Occupation:  Dog
     Likes:  Toys, Food, and Barking
 Dislikes:  Kids, Exercise, and Buddy

   B.B. is a grumpy corgi that enjoys picking fights with Buddy.
 He hates it when Buddy gets more attention, but no one wants
to play with him due to his grumpiness and constant need to be
    Name:  Buddy
       Age: 2
Occupation:  Dog
     Likes:  Kids, Adults, and Lots of Attention
 Dislikes:  Veterinarians, Kennels, and Hot Sauce

   Buddy is a hyperactive samoyed that always causes
some sort of trouble.  He is smart, but has a very dopey
   Name:  Jeff
      Age:  24
Occupation:  Bum
    Likes:  Obsolete and Useless Facts, Trivia, and              
                Always Having the Last Word
Dislikes:  Useful Facts and Fridges Without Salsa

  Jeff is the sarcastic comic relief in Josh's escapades.  
He always has some tidbit of useless information that he
feels he must share with everyone.
    Name:  John
       Age:  24
Occupation:  College Gigolo
     Likes:  Fire, Girls, and Dr Pepper
 Dislikes:  Nerds, Boring People, and Chicks That Don't          
                 Dig His Groove

  John is an egotistical Don Juan.  He feels as though he is
God's gift to the world.  Oddly enough, he is one of the few
people who never feels the consequences of Josh's crazy
    Name:  Phoenix
       Age:  4
Occupation:  Bird
     Likes:  Peanuts, Josh, and Biting People
 Dislikes:  Dogs, People Touching Josh,

   Phoenix is a sun conure that likes no one but Josh.  She
follows him everywhere he goes and attacks anything that gets
too close to him.  She especially likes biting holes in people's
    Name:  Ryan
       Age: 24
Occupation:  Lazy Unmotivated College Student
     Likes:  D&D, Writing, and His Computer
 Dislikes:  Anything Fun

  Ryan is one of the most brilliant minds in existence.  
Unfortunately, his brain is so filled with facts and
intellectual junk that no room is left for buffoonery.  He
reluctantly joins Josh's exploits as a means of expanding
the creative side of his psyche.
    Name:  Shelley
       Age:  25
Occupation:  Pet Store Janitor
     Likes:  Complaining, Whining, and Art
 Dislikes:  Everything

   Shelley is Josh's batty wife.  She enjoys yelling at him and
complaining about the things he does.  Fortunately for Josh, she's
one of the few people who can stand living with him for extended
periods of time.